A New Chapter For HCI3

Submitted by hci3-usr on Friday, December 16, 2016 - 05:16

Newtown, CT – December 16, 2016

Two heads are better than one and 400 are better than 20 – From the very beginning of Bridges To Excellence to today, our work has been the product of the many, benefitting from the smarts of employer leaders such as Bob Galvin, Charlie Montreuil, Dale Whitney, Bruce Bagley, Bruce Taylor and many others. It benefited from the incredible minds of Elizabeth McGlynn and Meredith Rosenthal. It benefited from the collaborative energy of community leaders such as Elizabeth Mitchell, Peter Lee, Andy Webber and Donna Marshall. It benefited from the generosity of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Commonwealth Fund, the Colorado health Foundation and the New York State Health Foundation. And it benefited from agents of change and all around bright people such as Suzanne Delbanco, Tom Lee, Alice Gosfield, Mike Painter and all the wonderful members of the Boards of the not-for-profit companies I have been privileged to lead. Today, what has become HCI3, has, by most measures, helped to shift the dialogue in the country about payment innovation and incentives in general. The work, of course, is not done, but a new chapter is about to start. Effective January 1, HCI3 will become part of Altarum Institute.

What this means to you – Smarter, better, faster, is the recipe that will improve the quality and affordability of healthcare in the United States for the hundreds of millions that depend on it. We need to build on the momentum for delivery system improvement that has been unleashed by the alternative payment models tested under the ACA and further pushed by MACRA. We have to be smarter in understanding what works and what needs to be set aside. We need to do a far better job at spreading best practices and lessons learned and not accepting poorly designed programs. We need to go a lot faster at adopting payment innovation everywhere. And that’s what joining Altarum means to us and should mean to you. We’ve accomplished a lot with less than two handfuls of dedicated professionals and a few dozen enthusiasts, so think about what we’ll be able to accomplish with the help of several hundred professionals and legions of enthusiasts. Stay tuned, because you’re about to find out.



Francois Sig