Amid Uncertainty There Is Also Certainty

Submitted by hci3-usr on Friday, November 11, 2016 - 02:45

Newtown, CT – November 11, 2016

emojiAnd now…
Such was the expression of many on Wednesday morning and since then. A state of stupor and shock, somewhat mixed with a deep denial that any of this is actually happening. And yet it is, and what comes next is anyone’s guess, but please don’t look to the pundits for clues because it should be abundantly clear by this point that they’re truly clueless. Amidst the wailing and gnashing of teeth perhaps a bit of introspection would also be useful, because shifts like the one we have just experienced don’t occur out of some whimsical action of lesser beings. They occur because those who have been left behind, those who have been condescendingly told that they should accept the solutions served to them by the brilliant, those who bought hope and change and experienced hopeless change, finally say enough is enough. After all, isn’t that what launched the Revolution that became the foundation for the Union? And just remember, for every person in shock, another is exuberant.

What this means to you – For now, and on many fronts, a lot of uncertainty. But amid that uncertainty there is also certainty. Certainty that the move from fee-for-service to alternative payment models will continue unabated. That’s because it’s fueled by MACRA a lot more than the ACA, and MACRA was a bipartisan and bicameral legislation. Certainty that the demand for transparency in price and quality will only grow. That’s not simply because it’s one of the pillars of the new Administration’s healthcare platform, but because it’s fueled by the people’s anger at rising prices, rising premiums and rising impoverishment. And certainty that those in charge today will no longer be tomorrow because that is the nature of a democracy. Regimes come and go with rhythmic regularity, with half the country celebrating while the other mourns, and it’s awesome because the alternative is what this country and so many others shed much blood to break away from. So, for those of you in mourning, turn that frown upside down and carry on.


Francois Sig