Lessons for US Health Care Leaders from Brexit

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Newtown, CT – June 24, 2016

Brexit is what happens when the will of the people is thwarted for too long – For the past decade, the people of European countries have systematically rejected the continued drift towards further integration into the fantasy of a Federation of European States. And yet the bureaucrats of Brussels and the “leaders” of Europe have chosen to ignore those signs, so convinced that their vision was the right vision, and that ordinary citizens simply didn’t understand what was good for them. If past behavior is a leading indicator of future behavior, we can be assured that those same bureaucrats and “leaders” will ignore the message in the English vote. They will likely quietly threaten with economic doom and destruction other countries tempted to follow the British lead, and thereby miss entirely the real lessons to be drawn and further accelerate their own demise. The fantasy of a Federation of European States is a fantasy of social engineering on a continental scale for those who relish engineering social behavior, but a nightmare for those on the receiving end. This lesson, which may or may not be absorbed by the eurocrats, certainly seems to be lost on the bureaucrats of this continent, in particular those trying to engineer the delivery system into what they think is the way Americans should receive health care.

What this means to you – More than a decade ago Americans rejected the notion that all their health care should be received from a single “accountable” organization, and yet those that cling to the fantasy that a federation of Kaiser-like health systems is the way things should be, continue to push for the imposition of that vision. Many states have already rejected that move with the health care dollars they control, but are at the mercy of the federal bureaucrats for federally controlled dollars. Some Americans have voluntarily given up their freedom of choice in exchange for premium relief, but the majority still rightfully cherishes choice. The usurpation of the will of the people by putting forth false hypotheses has a long tradition and what we’re living through now is simply another chapter in that history. Because make no mistake about this, the hypothesis that care is always less expensive and of better quality in an integrated delivery system is false and there is ample evidence to support its fallacy. Freeing up the creative and innovative forces within the delivery system to come up with the best means to serve the needs of patients requires a complete devolution of any notion of social engineering and a trust that the people who are most capable of coming up with the right solutions are in the field and not in the towers. That, of course, is anathema to the bureaucrats, but as Brexit shows us, the day of reckoning for the imposing bureaucrat is fast approaching.


Francois Sig


Francois de Brantes
Executive Director