Providing Support Through Clinical Webinars

Submitted by on Monday, October 6, 2014 - 11:03

HCI3 has a long-standing mission to improve the quality and affordability of health care. After all, it is what every patient deserves: reasonably priced, high quality care. It is also what providers strives for: to provide the best, reliable service for a very affordable price with the patient’s best interest in mind.

Unfortunately, changing the status quo is a lot easier said than done. In many ways, it can seem so complicated and overwhelming that doing so next to impossible. That is why there are organizations, like HCI3, that work to provide support and resources to those who wish to transform the system by implementing programs and initiatives that do just that.

In August, we announced that we would make our episode of care definitions, or Evidence-informed Case Rates (ECRs), available to the public, free of charge. Why? Because organizations are seeking these already packaged definitions to spur change from within and the fact is that ECRs can be used for many purposes that make waves in the status quo sea. From ACOs to bundled payments, reference pricing to cost and quality analysis, these open source definitions exist as one more valuable supportive tool.

However, to take full advantage of this tool, it’s important to understand the concepts and designs behind these definitions. And so we’ve introduced monthly clinical webinars, which focus on an ECR, or group of ECRs, to highlight how it is created and the make-up of that episode. This not only allows others to gain a better understanding of ECRs, but also allows us to gain feedback from those who know medicine best: clinicians.

Following each webinar, we encourage clinicians to provide us with feedback on the ECRs discussed. These definitions were created with the help of volunteer clinicians who are experts in their field and as a way of making sure we are creating the best definitions possible, we want those who perform these medical procedures and manage conditions to give further insights so we can evaluate and adapt as the system changes.

Our next webinar is October 21st at 7 p.m. Eastern on pregnancy and delivery ECRs with Dr. Elliott Main, Medical Director of the California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative. You can register, find out dates and subjects for future events and view recording of past webinars on our Using ECRs for Providers page.

As the system makes a slow but critical move towards new ways to pay for health care, let’s work together to understand, evaluate and implement these new models to get us one step closer to better, more affordable care.