HCI3 Update from the Field: Pay Attention to the Lessons

Submitted by francois.debrantes@hci3.org on Friday, March 29, 2013 - 02:07

Newtown, CT – March 29, 2013

For anyone who has seen The Passion Of The Christ, the more chilling scenes involve the Devil offering the easy way out to Jesus – He doesn't take it, but we're not Him. Earlier this week, RWJF's Michael Painter recounted a personal journey in discovering the effects of payment incentives on provider behaviors and, more importantly, on patients. Mike reminded us that our goal should not be to "social-engineer" behaviors, but rather to let the natural good flourish by removing the temptation to be bad. I've mentioned many times in these weekly missives that it's pretty tough to be good when we're encouraged to be bad, and on this day, most holy for Catholics and other Christians, we are reminded of the importance of that statement. We are not Him. We will falter and succumb to the devil on our shoulder, but we will also seek redemption, dust off that devil and strive to be as good as we can. Until another devil comes along.

What this means to you – The Good Book is replete of lessons of self-doubt, of doubting the power of Good over Bad, of falling prey to the whispers of the One-Who-Will-See-Us-Fall. And too many times we pass off these lessons as simple stories that don't apply to our modern and sophisticated world. But in this hour of His Passion, in this hour of His People's Passover, we owe it to all to pay attention to those lessons. Let us resolve to stop hoisting devils on the shoulders of the dedicated professionals that have devoted their lives to the most noble profession of caring for others. Let us be the agents of Good and not Bad, and let us emerge from this hour of darkness with the hope of what can and should be, and the strength to see it come to pass.


Francois de Brantes
Executive Director
Health Care Incentives Improvement Institute, Inc.
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