Public Release of HCI3 Episode of Care Definitions

Submitted by hci3-usr on Tuesday, August 19, 2014 - 12:51

The push for improving the quality and affordability of health care is gaining momentum. It's an exciting, but challenging time as there is great need for additional support to implement successful payment reform programs.

To provide that much needed support, HCI3 has released episode of care, or Evidence-informed Case Rate (ECR), definitions for public use. An ECR is an entire episode of care that includes all covered services across all providers that would typically treat a patient for a single illness or condition.

These comprehensive definitions offer unique features, such as measuring potentially avoidable complications (PACs), flagging potentially avoidable services (as identified by the ABIM's Choosing Wisely campaign) and identifying core services, all of which no other definitions currently offer. Because of these features, they can be used for multiple purposes including bundled payment and accountable care organization payment programs, reference-pricing initiatives and provider cost and quality analysis.

If your organization has been exploring new payment models, focusing on improving existing programs or are looking for a more comprehensive way to analyze providers, ECRs can provide a vital starting point for your initiative.

For more information, read the full press release and visit the ECR section of our website.