HCI3 Learning Center

HCI3 Learning Center

HCI3 produces a high volume of information related to helping health care payers and providers quantify and capture opportunities through incentive design. We’d like to help you understand how to design incentives to improve quality of care and reduce cost of care in your organization or practice. A good place to start is with “Why Incentives Matter”, the beginning of the “Introduction to Health Care Reimbursement Models”.

Why Incentives Matter and An Introduction to Health Care Payment Models

Misaligned incentives are why U.S. health care costs have risenĀ at 1.5 to 2 times the rate of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and this is why incentives matter. Explore introductions to the various models as well as our own Bridges to Excellence pay for performance (p4p) program and PROMETHEUS Payment Bundled Payment program.

Online Courses

Navigating health care and all the facets of payment reform can be an overwhelming journey. However, understanding these concepts, at even a basic level, can empower you and your organization to implement programs that can benefit everyone: patients, providers and payers.

HCI3 has constructed various online courses specific to PROMETHEUS Payment, ECR Analytics and Bridges to Excellence implementation and use. The courses range from basic overview to advanced and technical levels.

Discover Your Opportunity

If you are a healthcare provider, payer, purchaser, or researcher with access to administrative claims data you will benefit greatly from this application. You will have the opportunity to upload your claims data and receive a tailored set of reports that will provide insights into what, where and how you can design incentive strategies to improve your health care cost and quality outcomes.

HCI3 Library

A voluminous collection of studies, white papers, manuals, references and more put out by HCI3 and others related to health care incentives improvement.