Using ECRs for Providers

Using ECRs for Providers

Payer use of ECRs is positive for clinicians who make an effort to deliver high quality, low cost care. As more and more health plans, employers and health systems move towards new payment models, understanding how episodes are developed and work allows providers to adjust and position themselves ahead of the curve by improving the quality of care by examining actionable analytical reports on ECRs, which measure quality based on PAC and typical costs associated with that ECR.

Understanding the development of ECRs can be a complicated process, so HCI3 offers monthly webinars aimed to help physicians discover how ECRs are built and participate in discussion around the process by providing suggestions and feedback as we review and present selected definitions.

Below is the clinical webinar schedule, which will be continuously updated. Space is limited, so be sure to register early.

Date ECR Topics Presenter Registration
9/23/14 – 7pm ET Gastroenterological Dr. Joel Brill View Recording
10/21/14 – 7pm ET Pregnancy and Delivery Dr. Elliott Main View Recording
11/19/14 – 7pm ET Total Knee/Total Hip Replacement Dr. Stephen Zabinski View Recording
1/20/15 – 5pm ET Cardiac Dr. Paul Casale View Recording
2/18/15 – 5pm ET Pulmonary Dr. Chris Sistrom View Recording
3/10/15 – 6pm ET Cancer Dr. Justin Bekelman
Dr. Lee Newcomer
View Recording
4/28/15 – 2pm ET Ear, Nose and Throat Dr. Kelly Kyanko View Recording
5/20/15 – 5pm ET Potentially Avoidable Complications Dr. Chris Tompkins View Recording
8/25/15 – 3pm ET ICD-10 Conversion Dr. Amita Rastogi View Recording
10/06/15 – 2pm ET Choosing Wisely:┬áProfessionalism as a Force for Improvement Mr. Daniel B. Wolfson View Recording
12/08/15 – 11am ET BTE Redesign for Diabetes Care Dr. Peter M. Barker
Dr. Jeff Phillips
View Recording


After attending a clinical webinar, we welcome clinician feedback through our feedback submission form.

HCI3 reserves the right to evaluate the suggestions for ECR modifications as we update them through our review cycle.

To access the summary description and metadata files, see the ECR Definitions page.