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Evidence-Informed Case Rates™ (ECR)

An Evidence-informed Case Rate, or ECR®, is an entire episode of care definition that includes all covered services across all providers that would typically treat a patient for a single illness or condition (hospital, physicians, laboratory, pharmacy, rehabilitation facility, etc.) HCI3’s ECRs are the only open source episode definitions that can be used for multiple purposes, including bundled payment and ACO payment programs, reference-pricing initiatives, and for cost and quality analysis of providers.

Over 80 ECRs have been created to date, all of which are available for public use as part of the overall HCI3 mission to improve the quality and affordability of care. There is a need for scientifically designed and validated episode of care definitions that have a multi-purpose use. By making the ECRs available, implementations of payment reform programs and cost and quality analysis initiatives have a comprehensive starting point from which to build.

Introduce yourself to ECRs, discover what ECRs are, their various uses and which definitions are currently available.